- Stephen Tharp - The St. James Recital

Stephen Tharp, Schoenstein organs (2009), St. James' Church,
New York City, Acis APL 31995
By Chris Bragg

It's always a treat to receive a new CD from Stephen Tharp, one of the great virtuosi of the organ world. On this disc he demonstrates the recent Schoenstein organs at St. James' Church on Madison Avenue, NYC, where he is presently Artist-in-Residence.[...]
Tharp is in fine form, opening with a scintillating Duruflé Toccata and finishing with his own transcription of Ravels' La valse; it is this latter transcription and that of the Walküre excerpts which really get to the heart of the instrument and Tharp's brilliance. Bruce Simond's Prelude on Iam sol recedit igneus likewise shows off lots of colours [....]while Anthony Newman's Fuga Sinfonica (on Bach) seems diabolically difficult [.....].