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About Stephen Tharp plays St. Bavo, Haarlem on JAV Recordings-
"The most beautiful CD of 2009"
- Resmusica, January 2010

About the AGO National Convention, 2008-
"Stephen Tharp presented a magnificent recital on Monday at St. Olaf R.C. Church in Minneapolis, beginning with the Final from Widor's Symphonie Romane. Tharp's time in Paris and his recording sessions at St. Sulpice seemed a prelude to his masterful performance. He seemed, at times, in blissful reverie with Widor...Messiaen's Messe de la Pentecôte concluded Tharp's program. Tharp was again right at home here...A hearty 'bravissimo' as Tharp brought all together with great style and elegance."
-The American Organist magazine

"...(new music) performed colorfully, rousing and splendid..."
- The New York Times

“the organist for the connoisseur"
-Organ magazine, Germany

“Stephen Tharp is a concert and recording artist used to traversing continents. He is one of the foremost players of his generation, amongst a number in the USA who have become torch-bearers for the organ's integrity and aspiration...an outstanding interpreter."
-Organists’ Review magazine, England

"Tharp plays as if the music were in his life-blood; musical, spacious, accurate, persuasive, convincing..."
-Organists' Review magazine

"Brilliant technical facility tossed off with an hauteur that dismisses the dazzlement as the merest of trifles."
-American Record Guide

"Tharp is clearly at home...combining as he does a wonderful technique with a magnificent handling of the registration...first-class playing..."
-The Organ magazine, England

"the thinking person’s perfomer"
-Het Orgel magazine, The Netherlands

"Tharp played with passionate involvement and an Olympian sense of proportion."
-The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Hakim's Final from Hommage a Igor Stravinsky...sounds both exciting and fiendishly difficult--not that it causes Tharp any trouble!"
-The Diapason magazine

"….every bit the equal of any organist"
-The American Organist magazine

"Tharp is authoritative, impassioned, supremely musical and technically impeccable."
-The American Organist magazine

"the consummate creative artist"
-Michael Barone, Pipedreams

"The Perfect Virtuoso..."
Die Abendzeitung, München, Germany

"Mr. Tharp, widely considered one of the most brilliant of the current crop of concertorganists, proved a personable and formidably equipped musician."
-The Dallas Morning News

"Tharp allows the music to flow with a splendid naturalness, shaping the more expressive lines with deliciously sensitive rubato."
-Grammophone magazine

“Stephen Tharp is a young organist of great distinction ..."
-Organ Alternatives